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Getting and keeping the basics in order - you will recognize from practice that this is a real challenge for many organizations. For example, they often do not have a decent overview of and insight into their business processes, applicable laws and regulations, policy house, application landscape, data management, performance, management reports and improvement portfolio. This is true for commerical companies, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

I help you and your team to stay future-proof. By creating overview, visualizing the coherence of things, focusing on what really matters, thinking from the perspectives of your colleagues who serve the customers, reducing complexity, avoiding jargon and using intuitive hands-on approaches.

Business Meeting

topics of consulting engagements

internal organization

Helping to solve bottlenecks in the mutual cooperation between your staff functions and line management. Thereby approaching the internal organization primarily from the perspective of your colleagues who serve the customers.

internal audit

Independently performing internal audits and business reviews. I can also be part of your audit team, for example in specialist areas such as Enterprise Risk Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance.

management reporting

Ensuring that your decision makers have well-integrated reports that tell them how they are performing on all relevant aspects of their responsibilities.

business process overview

Drawing up an integral high-level summary overview of all your business activities. It depicts the common playground of your management team and enables you to identify, prioritize and realize the necessary improvements.

policy management

Bringing and keeping your internal 'rules of the house' at the intended level. By examining which ones are necessary, who is responsible for what, how policies are recorded, how compliance is monitored, et cetera.

control framework

Integrating and optimizing your existing control frameworks. In practice, well-functioning frameworks appear to give the leadership team more self-confidence, such as in the relationship with internal and external supervisors.

forecasting power

Translating the collective expectations about the (near) future into sound periodic forecasts. Thereby making the assumptions used explicit. These forecasts are indispensable when making decisions about the allocation of people and resources.

assurance integration

Optimizing your organization's monitoring activities. By critically examining the coordination, scope and depth of internal and external audits, reviews, tests, inspections et cetera. Thereby paying attention to gaps, overlaps and inconsistencies.

process optimization

Improving the internal control over your business processes in close cooperation with those involved. With special attention to the coordination of the chain processes.

critical friends

Developing competencies for structured decision support. Identifying key uncertainties, critically reviewing assumptions in forecasts, and balancing potential pros and cons.


Helping managers with their professional development, both regarding their technical and managerial competencies.

examples of consulting engagements


  • health insurance | repositioning the risk management function

  • municipality | strengthening the internal audit function

  • family owned company | redefining the processes, controls and management reports

  • business school | optimizing the governance structure and management cycle

  • bank | aligning the support functions (2nd and 3rd lines)

  • hospital | improving the cooperation between staff functions

  • utility company | aligning the risk, compliance and audit functions

  • rating agency | coaching head of internal audit

  • municipality | implementing value management

  • utility company | coaching the head of risk management

  • housing corporation | integrating performance and risk management

  • listed company | facilitating a stategic risk assessment and optimizing the governance structure

  •  charity foundation | implementing value management

  • hospital | facilitating a stategic risk assessment


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