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I develop and deliver in-company trainings, seminars and lectures tailored to your situation and ambitions. In addition, I provide training courses, seminars and guest lectures both domestically and abroad for commercial institutes, business schools and universities. I also regularly give presentations and workshops at conferences and seminars.

You can find many recommendations received from participants in my LinkedIn profile.

Please click here, if you want more information about the ISO 31000 Risk Management certification training.

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training topics

Please find below examples of potential topics: - (non)sense of risk management systems - core risk management and internal control concepts - ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines - COSO Internal Control - COSO Enterprise Risk Management - OCEG GRC Capability Model - managing stakeholders' interests and expectations - key role of leadership and culture - relationship between risk and performance management - finance for non-financials - hard and soft controls - value creation & protection in practice - (dis)advantages of risk appetite statements - creating a drone perspective of the organization - identifying, assessing and addressing opportunities & threats - defining organizational objectives and acceptable bandwidths - dealing with perceptions and biases - setting up and maintaining a "policy house" - designing appropriate control measures - reporting on opportunities & threats - continuous monitoring - developing forecasting power - (non)sense of 'in control statements' - resilience, continuity and incident management - core values ​​and dealing with conflicting interests - integrated management reporting - 'gauging' organizational culture - from yet another silo to connector of all silos - effective collaboration between the '3 lines of accountability' - pitfalls of GRC software - cooperation between staff functions and with the business - from internal supervisor to critical friend - mandates, responsibilities and powers - continuous improvement through value management - establishing the effectiveness of control measures - using information as fuel for decision making - finding an appropriate balance between trust and control - fraud prevention, detection, investigation and resolution


I have conducted trainings, seminars and lectures for the following companies and institutes: - Association of Registered Controllers - BI Business School (Norway) - Compliance Consulting (Kazakhstan) - Creating Insights - Erasmus University - Euroforum - FDB (Singapore) - IBO Business School - IFACI (France) - Improfin Academie - Insight Auditors (Malta) - Institute for International - Research - Institute of Internal Auditors (The Netherlands, Singapore) - International Finance Corporation (Russia) - IMF Academy - LEAD Training Services (Malta) - NIVE Opleidingen - Open Compliance & Ethics Group - Rijksacademie voor Financiën, Economie en Bedrijfsvoering - Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants - Teshawur Consulting (Dubai) - The Hague University - Tilburg University - University of Twente - Vlerick Business School (Belgium)

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